Newspaper report shared writing


May 16, 2013 by mrgoode4ag

Today we used what we have learned about newspaper reports to do a piece of shared writing, and turned the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ into an exclusive article all ready for tomorrow’s front page. Read all about it!

Jumping Cow Strikes Again!

Last night, in a field in Essex, during a terrible thunder storm a cow successfully jumped over the moon.

Daisy the cow, who had been training at the world famous Space School, amazingly leapt over the moon while a local cat played the fiddle. Tragically when Daisy crashed back to earth she smashed into the farmer’s dishwasher and the dish was forced to run away with the spoon. A sheepdog, who had been stargazing, laughed out loud at the sight of such a huge animal jumping so fantastically high.

Professor Chicken from The Space School said “Daisy did an outstanding jump and has been awarded an A+ in her exams”. He went on to say “we will never forget her”.

Following her extraordinary jump Daisy has now decided to join the animal Olympics and will compete in the high jump.


2 thoughts on “Newspaper report shared writing

  1. Graham Snowdon says:

    I am extremely impressed with 3AG’s commitment to unearthing the true facts behind this remarkable story. Well done!

  2. Graham Snowdon says:

    I also wonder if the mysterious violin-playing cat could be connected with a recent robbery in which an owl and a pussycat escaped in a speedboat with a haul of honey and £5 notes.

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